Savings Throws

The number in paranthesis is the number you must roll above using a 20-sided die. Your character may or may not have bonuses or penalties added to this roll.

Balance (12)
Drugs (15)
Insanity (12)
Magic Spell (12)
Magic Circle (14)
Magic Circle of Protection (16)
Magic Wards (14)
Magic: Faerie magic (16)
Pain (14)
Poison: Lethal (14)
Poison: Non-lethal (16)
Psionics: non-psychic (15)
Psionics: Latent psychic (12)
Psioinics: Natural psychic (10)

Rules for saving against Coma/Death

Character lapses into Coma at Zero Hit Points Character can survive Coma for one hour for each PE attribute point

Character dies at negative Hit Points equal to PE attribute

Roll to save vs Coma/Death, best 2 out of 3 Success brings character to 1 Hit Point above zero

No treatment 6.00%
Unprofessional treatment 18.00%
Trained Nurse 32.00%
Doctor without proper facilities 46.00%
Doctor at clinic 56.00%
Hospital 66.00%
Magic or Psionics 70.00%

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Savings Throws

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