Kidnappings running rampant throughout the Flats

Most notably the trustee of Brisby Flats has had his daughter kidnapped less than three days ago. With threats of harm and toture to his little girl he has released a statement asking for her safe return. He has recieved a ransom note for $1 billion and intends to pay it. This will show those criminals who’s really in charge.

Criminals beware it would seem the government does not have a problem negotiating with you. Currently police have no leads (no surprise when they won’t even step footin this district) and are hoping residents will phone in tips. CSPD believe some has defintely seen something and are waiting on that person to call.

In other news vigilantism is on the rise. residents can look out their windows (if they think it is safe) and witness some epic battles on the street. Recently a team of Vigilantes raced to save a boys frisbee from a flying beast while other simply topple apartment complexes on their foe. Either way crime is being fought we will see who prevails.

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Kidnappings running rampant throughout the Flats

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