Hand to Hand Combat


Forearm: 1D4
Elbow: 1D4
Punch: 1D6
Power Punch: 1D10
Backhand: 1D4
Palm Strike: 1D6
Double Fist: 2D4

Kick: 1D6
Martial Arts Kick: 1D8
Knee: 1D6
Flying Knee: 2D6, critical strike
Snap Kick: 1D6
Roundhouse: 2D6
Crescent Kick: 1D10
Axe Kick: 1D10

Bite: 1D4, no PS bonus

Backward Sweep: No damage, opponent knocked down
Tripping/Leg Hook: No damage, opponent knocked down

Jump Kick: 1D8, critical strike. Must be first attack and uses ALL attacks that round.
Flying Jump Kick: 1D10, critical strike. Same as Jump Kick.
Flying Reverse Turning Kick: 2D6, critical strike. Same as Jump Kick.

Critical Strikes:
Inflicts double damage. Damage dice are rolled, doubled, then any bonuses to damage are added. If two Critical Strikes occur at the same time (i.e.: Flying Jump Kick with a natural 20 to strike) the damage is tripled, not quadrupled.

Knock Out/ Stun:
Attacker must announce KO/Stun before roll to strike (except with Boxing Skill). Must roll natural 20 or Unnatural 25+. Unnsuccessful KO/Stun does no damage. Successful KO/Stun inflicts full damage and the dazed person cannot attack and is -4 to parry, dodge, and roll. This attack can not be reduced with roll vs Punch/Fall/Impact.

Simultaneous Attack:
Instead of Defending, a character can simultaneous attack. Neither opponent can parry, dodge, or entangle. Both roll to strike as usual. Note: Paired Weapons Skill allows a character to make a simultaneous attack and still be able to parry

Paired Weapons:
Unless noted otherwise, Paired Weapons must be taken for each individual WP. A character with Paired Weapons skill can attack with both weapons at the same time, attack with one weapon and parry with the other, or parry with both weapons. This does not mean the character is ambidextrous! – The “main” hand has full bonuses to strike and parry, while the “off” hand has -2 to strike and parry.

The attacker rolls to strike as usual. Success means the choke is applied and the defender takes 1D6 direct to Hit Points every melee round the choke is applied. The victim can cannot reduce damage by rolling with punch/fall/impact nor attack with kicks. The attacker can not defend against any attacks while choking someone. To break the choke hold, the victim (and anyone helping him) rolls a 20 sided die + PS attribute vs the attackers 20 sided die + PS attribute. Highest roll wins. A Joint Lock can also be applied to the Attacker to force them to release the choke.

Joint Lock:
Joint locks do no damage unless the victim attempts to break free. The victim is incapable of attacking, parrying, or dodging while in a joint lock.
Finger Lock: The victim can escape by taking 1D4 damage, making a Save vs. Pain, and breaking their finger (rendering it useless)
Wrist Lock/Ankle lock: The victim can escape by taking 1D6 damage, making a Save vs. Pain, and breaking their wrist/Ankle (rendering the entire hand/Foot useless)
Elbow Lock/Knee lock: Requires the attacker to use both hands. The victim can escape by taking 2D6 damage, making a Save vs. Pain, and breaking their Elbow/Knee.

Holds do no damage, they simply immobilize the victim and allow third parties to attack without restriction. Neither the Attacker or Defender can perform any combat moves during a hold. To break a hold, both Attacker and Defender roll a 20 sided + PP attribute (Attacker also adds in any bonuses to Strike and Hold) with the highest roll winning. Holds include Arm, Leg, Body, and Neck

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Hand to Hand Combat

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