Crime is on the rise

Lead Story on the 9 o’clock news:

Reports of assault and similar violendce has been on the rise for the past year. Districts hard hit are Brisby Flats and the Labrynth.

Brisby flats saw a lull in crime last month but has stepped up to outshine most crime throughout the city. Gangs have swarmed the streets in search of easy targets and places to burglar. With the onset of Iron Mike and his cronies law enforcement are unsure if they will be able to ebb the oncoming tide. Detective David Eldar said that they (CSPD) are putting every effort into capturing those responsible for crimes committed.

CSPD admits that they do not like to enter the Flats with Iron Mike threatening the lives of anyone associated with the law they know it is their duty and it must be fulfilled. Plans are currently underway to recruit more police officers but in the meantime they ask the residents of Brisby Flats to stay vigilant and report any crime they may witness.

“We will not divulge the informants name,” says Chief Standard, “and get together to form neighborhood watches. When the area is watching then criminals tend to slow tyhere crimes down.”

The Labrynth, a cesspool of crime and mayhem, has not seen a day without crime for some time. Rumor on the streets is that there is one person leading the entire criminal element but no one is interested in letting theat information get leaked.

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Crime is on the rise

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