Century Station

The Manual Part 1

Finally, I meet some extreme dudes who share the same feelings I have about crime in this city. Man these dudes are extreme. While working on the Megea-Van I heard some noises coming from the shop next to Joe’s place. Usually it’s that new group called the “Triad” that showed up a few weeks ago but this time it was a blood curdling howl that shook me to the bone.

At that I got to gettin Bessie ready cuz I ain’t the one in the barrel this time.

After, what sounded like shootin, these dudes come test my security. Sure showed them with the business end of Bessie. I think they can agree it was EXTREME!

We ended up looking into bomb threats, turns out the bomb maker lived in a “once nice hotel, but no longer.” Her in our part of town. Course no real surprise with Iron Mike claiming to run this part of town. We found him and as it turns out he was a drunk with a time bomb inside himself. As we were about to aprehend him and take him to the police he collapses and dies at our feet.

Everyone ran to the bar, gotta admit didn’t know what to do, so I just followed suit. Wasn’t long after the police came snooping around. Accusing me of murder, Ha!



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