Century Station

War Journal: Entry 3

Got a new cat. More on that later.

Some crazy capitalist fired a couple RPG’s in to the apartment building; guess who he was looking for? Seems that the pig-dog thinks McBane killed his brother. I don’t know if that’s true, but it isn’t unlikely. He was handled, but the building was damaged pretty badly.

My boss at the game store called me to meet with him late that night. I showed up with the newest member of our troop to find my boss with glazed eyes and a… weird demeanor. He asked me to drive a box truck up to The Labyrinth and drop off the package that was inside. He took off in a hurry.

We opened the truck up and looked at the package; it looked very much like a body wrapped in black plastic bags. We wisely chose not to open it and headed out, wisely calling the rest of the troop to ride point for us.

While on the freeway, a cop pulled up behind us trying to pull us over. At the same time, a number of Triad sedans pulled in all around us; an ambush. We shook the cop into the guard rail, and took out the Triad assassins with selectively placed gun shots and the new guys mind powers. That’s right; mind powers. This city gets crazier every day.

When we arrived at The Labyrinth we opened the back of the truck, jumped in the SUV and tore ass outta there. As we were leaving, the “package” tore open and some sort of humanoid thing rose out of it spewing bright greenish gas. It was possibly the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.

The next day I questioned the boss about it, and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. He never called me, met with me, or anything. His wife even provided an alibi. The strange thing though is… I believe him. Something weird is going on. In the jungle, they called this kind of thing, Bad JuJu.

Back at the apartment, Mr. Lee the landlord was getting roughed up by some Triad thugs for protection money. We gave him a bag of $5000 to give the Thugs that contained a tracing bug. We followed the trace to a house in Alchemy Bottoms (where we stopped the Black Gestapo previously). After securing the perimeter, we snuck in the back door. The kitchen was converted into a meth lab and a couple of meth brewers were doing their dirty work. We took them out back and immobilized them.

Inside were more thugs, more drugs, and a small arsenal of weapons, along with a LOT of cash. There was also two supers in there. They stopped us cold. The only reason we got out of there is because they disappeared; most likely teleportation of some sort. Good news; we knocked out a meth lab. Bad news; we are marked by the Triad.

And the meth house is where I found the cat. Took it with me to protect it from McBane.





The Manual Part 2

These last two days were the most extreme two days I have ever witnessed. It all started with some wild gang dude firing off a number of RPGs at our apartment. The whole time he is yelling for our partner McBane. Claiming McBane killed a brother or some such, he was a real extreme danger. Needless to say our team handled this danger with ease unfortunately he caused some serious damage to the building our team lives in.

Later that night we stopped a burglary next to the apartments. Little did we know we somehow helped that evil crime lord Iron Mike. We only found this out after Iron Mike’s thugs tracked us down to our homes and thanked us for our work.

Then there was Jackhammer, a relic from the 1940’s, fell into the arms of Dixon, literally. Swinging rooftop to rooftop the exteremly old sidekick begged us to help him stop criminals racing through the streets. An easy catch we left the criminals tied up with Jackhammer allowing him the noteriety of capturing criminals at his age.

The following evening Locksley’s boss called him to ask him to deliver a package to the worst part of Century Station, The Labrynth. Little did we know that the truck used to make the delivery was in shambles, missing tailights and expired tags, we were quickly a made a target for the police.
Well they definitely caught up to us. Thanks to the talented skills of McBane and our strange anime friend we were able to keep the cop off our tail until the Zhou Chin Triad gang pulled up in their extreme rides and gave us a chase until we entered the Labrynth. Even there the police and gangs would not follow. Needless to say we found the address and dropped off the package. I fear however the body that rose out of the plastic bags and duct tape was not their for a courtesy visit. EXTREME!

Finally, when we thought the day was over I get a call from the team asking for some money to help a friend that is being pushed around for “protection money.” It turns out the Triad is trying to muscle any resident of Chinese descent to pay “respect” to the new triad in town. At first I was worried that the gang would return and retaliate against us but McBane quickly devised a plan that woulds allow us to follow the gang after they took the payment.

The plan worked and soon we were checking out a stash house occupied by a few triad members. Dixon was able to pick the lock on the back door allowing us access to the kitchen which was converted into a meth lab. We stealthly removed the thugs that were creating this lethal drug and disguised ourselves in their lab coats and filter masks. It didn’t take long before they found out who we were.

Thats when we were most likely ending up in the barrel. It turns out there were two supers like us. One had the power to capture a single victim in a powerful sticky glowing net. The other fired vibration blasts at us and had the capability to teleport from room to room. Unfortunately we were only able to capture the three minor thugs but we did however find some information regarding members of the Zhou Chin Triad.

The Manual Part 1

Finally, I meet some extreme dudes who share the same feelings I have about crime in this city. Man these dudes are extreme. While working on the Megea-Van I heard some noises coming from the shop next to Joe’s place. Usually it’s that new group called the “Triad” that showed up a few weeks ago but this time it was a blood curdling howl that shook me to the bone.

At that I got to gettin Bessie ready cuz I ain’t the one in the barrel this time.

After, what sounded like shootin, these dudes come test my security. Sure showed them with the business end of Bessie. I think they can agree it was EXTREME!

We ended up looking into bomb threats, turns out the bomb maker lived in a “once nice hotel, but no longer.” Her in our part of town. Course no real surprise with Iron Mike claiming to run this part of town. We found him and as it turns out he was a drunk with a time bomb inside himself. As we were about to aprehend him and take him to the police he collapses and dies at our feet.

Everyone ran to the bar, gotta admit didn’t know what to do, so I just followed suit. Wasn’t long after the police came snooping around. Accusing me of murder, Ha!

War Journal: Entry 2

It took several weeks after our last crime fighting outing to recover from our wounds.

McBane and I encountered a new variable in our war; some sort of mutant homeless person and his insane, elderly homeless sidekick. With his help (the sidekick was useless; a mumbling, gibbering, idiot, probably mentally deranged from living on the harsh streets after capitalism failed), we managed to completely dismantle one of the street gangs plaguing this city.

However, before that happened, my apartment was robbed and all of my equipment was stolen. Everything I had spent so long collecting and building. All of it is gone. Obviously, capitalism is to blame for the theft. Capitalism breeds greed, which breeds jealously, which breeds crime. A vicious cycle I hope to break.

While I was at work at the game shop, I heard on my police scanner that a nearby business was being assaulted. Hostages taken, unreasonable demands; the usual when terrorists want to make a point. I left work and attempted to help but the police had the place surrounded. Apparently McBane and the Homeless Hero were trapped on the inside; McBane was seriously injured. Some of the hostages were killed. As the SWAT team stormed the building, a warehouse down the street exploded, causing a great deal of damage to the surrounding area. No leads.

The Black Gestapo was attacking shop owners and demanding protection money. After a brief scuffle with some of their thugs, followed by detective work, we found the Black Gestapo’s headquarters; a development of Waingroh that has been partially fortified.

Using some special non-lethal ammunition I devised, I managed to incapacitate several of the Gestapo thugs, while McBane and the homeless cartoon character infiltrated the compound. All hell broke loose as McBane opened up with his shotgun.

Eventually, I fought my way into the main headquarters building and confronted the leader of the Gestapo. Engaging in hand to hand combat, I nearly had him beat until McBane murdered him. I think he’s turned to the other side; he murdered an unarmed man who was clearly beaten. Not sure what to do next in this matter. However, there were numerous witness to the crime, and I fear for my new partner.

Personal Note: We went to a very nice Chinese Restaurant. Great food, Great looking hostess. I would like to go back. However, it would have to be by myself; I don’t think McBane and the Homeless Hero are welcome back. They offended the proprietors by loudly talking about the local crime situation. Apparently the management were worried they would scare off the guests.

War Journal: Entry 1
Shining Path logbook

My return to the land of my birth was uneventful until I reached my new adopted city; Century Station. I specifically chose to live with the proletariat in sub-district of Waingroh; the poorest of the poor, where daily life is filled with fear and anxiety under the bootheels of the bourgeoisie.

After moving in to my apartment and taking careful inventory of my weapons and gear, I purposely dressed as conspicuously as possible, in order to alert the neighborhood that I am here to wage a war, and to attract converts to my noble cause. I chose the name, “Red Faction” originally as a code name for my alter ego; however, I have changed my name to Shining Path as I hope to be the light that leads this city out of the darkness.

As I left the apartment building I ran into my neighbor, McBane. A hideously scarred man with an equally hideous penchant for violence. I have the troubling feeling that he may eventually become one of the villains plaguing this city. For the time being, I will work with him; keeping a vigilant watch and hopefully calming his anger and curbing his disturbing tendencies. I have reason to believe he was a police officer in the past; perhaps his physical deformities and obvious self-hatred are a result of his service.

Soon after leaving the apartment, we witnessed a gun battle between rival gang factions; a drive-by shooting at the Walgreens followed by a gunfight between multiple gangs. I easily disarmed one of the thugs, while McBane fought with lethal force. Apparently, the fight was between two factions of the Assassins gang. The Golden Avenue Assassins and a lesser group. McBane and I decided our first order of business should be to find the leadership of the Assassins and cut the head off the beast. No leads yet though.

That night we walked to the corner store and came upon a robbery in-progress. Some sort of strangely attractive mutant or alien cat-woman leading half a dozen thugs. One of the thugs had a disgusting habit of screaming gibberish and vomiting acid. After fighting the cat-woman in hand to hand combat, the group attempted to escape via their getaway vehicle. McBane wounded several of the thugs and I disarmed a couple of them. I fired a shot into the cat-woman’s leg to slow her escape, but unfortunately blew her leg off. I will be losing sleep over this for some time to come; she is a criminal, but did not deserve that level of force. The criminals managed to escape, but the store was not robbed; the store owner/manager thanked us profusely. The good exposure can only help my cause.

I was wounded from the fight and had to go to the local clinic, who patched me up. It is unfortunate that the citizens of this district don’t even have a hospital. Once again an indication of the corruption and hatred the bourgeoisie have for the poor.

The next day McBane and I were patrolling the area in his car, looking for leads on the Golden Avenue Assassins. We came across what appeared to be a mugging in an alley between a group of pig-dogs and a lone man. As we approached, we noticed two bodies slumped on the ground. We stopped the mugging and saved the last victim. Questioning two of the thugs, we discovered they are members of a gang called the Pelham Bangers; who specialize in drug dealing. Apparently the bangers practically run the drug supply in this section of the city. The victim’s name is John Woo, and he is actually a member of a rival gang called the Red Phoenix, which is a farm league for the Chinese triad operating in Brisby Flats. In exchange for saving his life and not turning him in (and a cash contribution from me) he decided to be an informant for us.

We went to a neighborhood described by the two Bangers as the center of their drug trade. After talking to a prole hopped up on drugs, I persuaded McBane to approach the drug house and make a purchase so that we would have evidence of wrongdoing. He made the deal and came back with a bag of what appeared to be cocaine. However, this was not enough. We needed to test the drugs to make sure they were real. Having lived and struggled for the common man in my time in South America, I developed the skill to determine the difference between real and fake cocaine by taste. It was real.

After calling the police to pick up the two members of the Pelham Bangers, we left the scene. McBane noticed we were being followed by a black sedan. We stopped at a gas station to fill the tank and so I could get a slushy. When I walked out of the station, McBane was gone. He phoned me and told me to walk away from the gas station. After walking down the block, he picked me up and we returned to the station to see the car leave and drive to a bookstore. Two men, one middle-aged and the other young – late twenties/early thirties, got out of the car and entered the bookstore. I hung back in the shadows while McBane went to investigate their car. I saw the two men rush out of the store and head to the car. Then I saw them arrest McBane. I called an attorney and bailed him out of jail. If he doesn’t shape up his act, prison may be in his future.

McBane journal entry: This City is Dirt

Dirt. Nothing but dirt and filth and trash in this city. Will have to bring the bodies out by the truckload when I’m done with them.

Moved into new apartment last week. Across the hall an overweight, chain-smoking, ex-whore yells curses at her out of control broodlings. Probably collects welfare. Children never go to school. Will probably run into kids in a few years at the barrel-end of a gun.

Next down hall is a pink-commie anarchist. Self-styled rabble-rowser named Red Faction. Possible makings of a ‘cape’, but without the homosexual tendency to dress up in a bright costume. No super-powers observed, but you never know how fucked up people are in the head. May have to eliminate if he keeps trying to prevent me from cutting up the bad guys. Probably doesn’t have what it takes to kill women.

On patrol outside our apartment came across numerous gang fights and drug dealers. Stopped a mutant cat lady from robbing Quick-E-Mart. Shot cat woman’s leg off because she tried to run. Hindi in store thanked for help, will have to check on his immigration status. Probably illegal. Heard rumblings of a “Mutant Underground”, but not well known, not even cops know about it.

Probably bad cops in CSPD. Was tailed by two rookies, noticed them right away. Distracted them with homeless hag, then circled around and made pursuit. Hunters became hunted. Followed to a bookstore, probably a terrorist front. While slashing their car tires discovered by cops and arrested. Let myself be taken to see who was running the show. Corruption runs deep in department.

Made contact with a young Triad recruit. After he gives useful intel will probably have to cut off one of his ears.

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Brisby Flats

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