Welcome to Century Station…

a city full of the known and known unknowns. A city filled with the every day citizen, gangs and thugs, super heroes and super villians. You will be taking on the role of one of these brave super heroes in hopes of clearing the city of the these unwanted derelicts. Coming from different backgrounds and different situations this unique band of crime fighters must use their skills cunning wit and powers to uncover the various evil empires throughout the city and bring Century Station back to its former glory…

Century City was originally founded as an old silver town during the Civil War. Over the years it developed like any other city. Until about the 19th and 20th centuries Century Station began to decline as the businesses inside the limits failed to diversify and overseas competition clobbered their industry casuing the city to fall into a rut and slowly wasting away.

Just a few years ago the Project Daedalus, started by the Daedalus Foundation, began the “most ambitious scientific project in human history.” The initial goal was to build a cold fusion reactor allowing all residents equally free power. With new breakthrough technologies and a new line of scientific thought concerning nuclear energy the Daedalus Project drew many great scientifc minds to Century Station. With that came new businesses and advanced manufacturing companies.

The citizens began working again and the city quickly became a beacon of technology for the world to marvel. Through the years the city grew into a technopolis with advancements in technology 10 years ahead of any other entity outside its city limits.

The city became the leader of industry for all other cities and countries to mimic. It was so powerful in fact that it needed to pass its own tax laws in order to continue with its promising advancements. In so doing the U.S. carved Century Station off as its own “district.” Daedalus Foundation wanted to create cheap energy and sell at low prices to the rest of the world, no one could stand in thier way.
Five wonderful years pass as the city and its people prospered from the cold fusion reactor. Sarnhoff and his team are treated as heroes and businesses from around the world wanted to be part of Century Station.

And Then…

Alpha Prime arrives in Century Station on matters of galactic importance. Not neccessarily odd since the city has been seeing an increase of superheroes and villian alike but urgent nonetheless. So her arrival was not so strange as her arrest of Dr Sarnhoff .

Sarnhoff had spent the better part of his life breaking The Covenant. He plead to the world that he had redeemed himself by ending hunger, extending life spans and instant communications.

“What did I do wrong?,” he asked.

Alpha Prime confiscated all off-world technologies and anything using variations of off-world technology. Leaving a sting, Earth condemned aliens saying that they did not need their “stuff.” Humans felt they were better off without.

And Now…

With the collapse of the Daedalus Project, the fall of Century station had just begun. Trying to salvage/capitalize off of the failed project a group of traditional energy providers stepped up to fill the gap left by the Daedalus Foundation. They titled themselves the Council of Industry or CI. Running on the platform of anti-alien they are able to convince the public of the evils of alien technology and promise to bring Century Station back to its former glory.

After the high-tech sector quickly withdraw from the city the CI has been working to fill these holes in the city and get the residents employed. Currently it is slow moving but the CI has created some jobs, however they can only move so fast.

The situation for the city worsens every day. Crime has run rampant as people descend further into debt and despair. Spending sprees of the glory days were catching up with the city as banks foreclose on homes, small businesses and families go belly up on a daily basis, and the hope of living in a once great city dwindles.

The nicer parts of town were not hit so hard. Crime still occurs here but it is typically white collar crimes whereas the neighborhoods hit hardest saw crime in the sreets and became a daily occurance. Even neighborhoods that were harmonious through similar cultures were breaking down and drug manufacturing and distribution became the prominent industry.

The number of superheroes that once graced these streets all but left with the pullout of the high-tech companies. As a result numerous crime syndicates grew into power in the harder hit communities. Roughly estimating the current count of heroes is between 200-300 with less than half actually having any super power, most were angry citizens wearing masks beating up local criminals. There is not much for the citizens to do considering the CSPD were barely funded with the loss of so much tax-base when the high-tech sector pulled out.

The current Mayor, Mark Ransom, is trying to implement a number of social programs to help the disenfranchised be he is recieving little to no help form the CI. His time in office has certainly been marred by these past fiascos and much of the city blame him now for their situations. His popularity has drastically fallen and show no signs of recovery. Despite the unanimous feelings towards him he is still putting every effort into easing the troubles of the city.

Right now Ransom’s main concern is lowering the crime rates. He has been working with the CI, CSPD, and registered superheroes in hopes of clearing out one of the biggest crime districts, Waingroh. The main obstacle is a gangster known only as Iron Mike. Iron Mike has openly claimed Waingroh as his personal kingdom and has vowed to kill any police or government agent that enters his kingdom.

Enter the Heroes…

You have arrived in the neighborhood of Winslow. The area is heavy hit with crime and gangs are seen on every street corner (if they are not being shot at by other gangs). The streets are covered in debris and trash and no one seems to care as they are typically hidden in their homes unless they are part of some criminal element.
Unfortunately, Winslow is the only neighborhood that has affordable housing for new residents of the city. Jobs can be found but pay very little. Apartments are little more than a one room studio and extended families share some of these units. It is very difficult to get started but you are able to purchase some equipment to help aid you on your quest to end injustice and bring peace to the streets. As you are returning home from work one night, weary and unsure of the evening’s prowl, shots ring out then a group of colorpunks run past you. Squeeliung tires followed by a speeding car have gun barrels sticking out the windows they fire again…

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