Media Outlets

WCTV – Channel 9

Century Station’s oldest and most prestigious local television station, dating back to the early 1950’s. Other local stations try rating gimicks to compete but WCTV remain the most watched channel in the metro area. Reports

Century Station Observer – Newspaper

This is the newsprint version of WCTV. Its existence has been around much longer dating back to 1870 when it was founded. It is a staple of every morning commuter’s train or bus ride, providing excellent news coverage and opinion pieces with a fine balance of style and substance. Headlines

Every Man – Tabloid

This second-rate paper struggles for market share along with “rags” like the News Herald, the Silver Hill Sentinel, and the Evening Call. With the rising cost of newsprint and the slow decline of readership Every Man is finding itself dangerously close to bankruptcy. They are currently undergoing some changes at the paper. Updates


CityNet is like a micro-internet specifically for Century Station. When it was unveiled it was considered to be a revolutionary advancement for the city however, it is rarely upgraded and lacks in usefulness. Though some hardcore code junkies still surf it is not utilized to its fullest.

Off The Record – Internet Blog News

The CityNet and the internet have given the world some incredible things in terms of communication, knowledge, and transmitting information. Off The Record is not one of them. A virtual newspaper that is not printed anywhere. Readers can download and print a new copy off the internet for free. OTR specializes in “front-line Journalism.” Blogs

Media Outlets

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