MARK Net-n-Yahoo

Vehicle mounted mancatcher

weapon (ranged)

Originally designed as a portable unit the user of this weapon would need to don a 30lbs air compressor backpack as well as a 15lbs net gun which housed only three net clips. Used exclusively by government operatives for snatch-and-grab missions they discovered that the weight made this weapon difficult to implement even during black op type missions.
More recently Century Station has been seeing these devices become vehicle mounter devices. Not only does this completely remove the weight from the operator but it also allow for the vehicle to generate its own air pressure as well as house more net clips. Many Vigilantes have used this weapon with great effect and only a few casulties have been reported (mostly accidentally running target over by those inexperienced in the use of Net-N-Yahoo).
Effective Range: 100 feet Damage: None effectively entangles target Rate of Fire: Single Shot Payload: 8 rounds Cost: $8,000 for vehicle mount $1000 per net canister
Note: It is still possible to purchase the original portable model but very difficult due to a cease in production. Still able to be found on the Black Market for twice the cost of vehicle mounted device.


MARK Net-n-Yahoo

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