Zhou Chen

Owner of #1 Chinese Restuarant


An elderly chinese immigrant that came to Century City to start up his restuarant in hopes to bring good cheap food to impoverished people. He has especially chosen Waingroh for the vast number of asian immigrants in the area. He has become a minor success in the area and many people look to him to help aid the community.
He is currently working with grassroot groups to help clean the punks off the street so far this does not seem to be working but he continues his work in hopes that he can teach young immigrants the idael of hard work.


Not much is known about Zhou Chen. He is an immigrant from China but it is not clear what part. He is fluent in chinese and is frerquently seen sitting at his table, in the restuarant, speaking to many different chinese citizens and community leaders.
However what is known is that his establishment rarely sees crime occur to it and typically anybody who tries to accost him or his store are generally never heard from again.

Zhou Chen

Century Station Overlord