Tequila Shiela


Super Catagory: Muntant

IQ: 20
ME: 19
MA: 21
PS: 27
PP: 19
PE: 13
PB: 26
SPD: 26

Education Level: High School Graduate (suggest Waingroh High School)

Skills of Note:
Automotive Mechanics 46%, Aircraft Mechanics 46%, Basic Electronics 51%, Locksmith 41%, Hand 2 Hand:Expert, WP: Pistol, Knife, Sub-machinegun
Weakness: Tequila
Super Abilities:
Extraordinary Physical Beauty
Energy Expulsion: Light
Super Human Strength


Something happened between puberty and the end of high school. Some crazy senior year science experiment gone wrong or the great confection disaster in home economics class. Who knows tell us about it.

Let us know about your personality. How do you feel about what happened to you? Are you mad? Glad? Did it change your view on life? What type of personality will she have?

Tequila Shiela

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