Shining Path

Former communist Guerilla fighter turned Super Hero


Like many American youths, Lockesly Barter was full of idealism and wanted to make the world a better place. After reading a pursuasive pamplet given to him at “Progressive” music festival, young Lockesly decided that the only way for the common man to survive and prosper was through radical and revolutionary means; so he joined the Communist Party.

Renouncing his upper-middle class upbringing, Barter started wearing Birkenstocks, hanging around the campus of the local liberal arts college, writing poetry, and preaching the perils of capitalism to anyone who would listen.

Upon turning 18, he traveled to South America and joined a communist guerrilla organization; learning how to fight, survive, and protect the proletariat. Growing disenchanted with the organizations methods of helping the people by robbing them of their goods, he made his way to Century Station and renounced killing.

His goal now is to show the world that communism can work and that evil capitalism is the cause of all the crime in the city. If everyone was equal economically and learned to live communally, crime and despair will disapear. The People of Century Station just need to follow the Shining Path to enlightenment!

Catchphrase: “Take THAT, Capitalist Pig-Dog!”

Shining Path

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