Robotman is more than meets the eye!


Real Name: John Dough

IQ: 21
ME: 11
MA: 14
PS: 11
PP: 21
PE: 5
PB: 10
SPD: 14

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Skills of Note: Robot Mechanics, Robot Electronics, Language Chinese, Language Japanese, Language Latin, Language Korean, Business & Finance, Read Sensory Equipment


Born sickly and prone to infections and allergies, John Dough was always enamored with robots and androids. From Star Wars to anime to toys, robots and their strength and seeming indestructibility always fascinated him. He also had a penchant for language and on his own learned several foreign languages as a mere child.

At a young age he determined that his future lay with robotics. While in college working towards a degree in Applied Robotics, he interned with an up and coming tech corporation in their experimental robotics department. Dough volunteered for an experimental procedure to implant a device in his brain allowing his mind to completely take over a robot body! While his brain is in control of the robot though, his actual human body lies helpless in a coma.

After thoroughly testing the procedure, but flunking out of school and therefore his internship, Dough was allowed to keep the implant and a robot body or two by the grateful corporation.

Using his new robotic alter-egos, Dough has christened himself as Robotman (Mark I and Mark II), and defends his neighborhood; scouting out bad guys in the Robotman Mark II “Rat” and then subduing them with the Robotman Mark I “Grasshopper.”

John Dough also has a pet box turtle named “Fluffy,” a cat named “Cat,” and is easily intimidated by beautiful women. When not fighting crime, he owns a junk shop called “The Mosh Pit” in Winslow which barely makes a profit, and spends his free time trolling message boards on CityNet.


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