Mr. Lee

Landlord/Proprietor of apartment complex


An overweight middle-aged chinese immigrant.


Mr. Lee has seen the good and the bad, unfortunately he always seems to have bad things happen to him. As when he first arrived at Century Station he was always under constant pressure to join gangs, when he would refuse the gangs would beat him up and take whatever he had on him at the time.
With grim determination Mr. Lee finally got a foothold in the city and was able to purchase the apartment complex the heroes rent in Waingroh. After the purchase of the complex and a number of new tenants he set to work improving the facility. Unfortunately as he began these expensive repairs the decline of Century City soon after began.
With Dr. Sarnoff being arrested a number of well-to-do tenants left and others followed. Soon Lee realized he could not afford to continue his repairs let alone make timely payments to the bank. His only saving grace was that he made the complex into a government subsidized living. Rent is based off income rather than a set amount. Because of this he has seen a rise in move-ins but nothing substantial to put him in the position to start repairing the building again.

Mr. Lee

Century Station Overlord