He's a bad cop... that's gone badder.


Super Catagory: Special Training (Super Sleuth)


IQ: 22

ME: 16

MA: 17

PS: 12

PP: 12

PE: 13

PB: 5

SPD: 14

Education Level: Special (Special Training)

Skills of Note:

Speak: Mandarin 72%

Criminal Science 62%

Law 52%

Find Contraband 53%

Streetwise 47%

See Through Disguise 47%

Recognize Forgery 52%

Safecracking 37%

Computer Hacking 67%

Hand-to-Hand: Martial Arts

Reputation: 21% chance of police recognition

Bionics: Ear & Eye


Before becoming a cop, Niles McBane grew up the son of an wealthy businessman in Taiwan. Despite his somewhat privileged upbringing, as a teenager he fell in with the wrong crowd and ran with some minor thugs in the Chinese Triad for a time before eventually being shipped back to America by his distraught parents. In time he was able to channel his abilities towards more productive ends.

McBane went on to grow out of his youthful indiscretions and joined law enforcement. However, he was barely a rookie officer in the CSPD when a nearly fatal shooting occurred on his first day out. In what should have been a routine traffic stop, McBane was instead shot in the face by a trigger-happy mobster named Bulldog Bagliano. Released from service after the reconstructive surgery, McBane has taken it upon himself to rid the city of it’s criminal element. Just as his physical scars will never go away, McBane’s mental scars have driven him to the brink and he has become an alcoholic to deal with the pain and trauma.

He still has many friends on the force who are sympathetic to his cause, although his actions are hard to defend. McBane has taken to scarring the faces of the criminals he catches as a form of retribution and to give them a permanent reminder of the high cost of crime. The mobster who scarred his own face, Bulldog Bagliano, is still on the loose and McBane always carries a single bullet around with him that has Bagliano’s name etched into it.


- I’ve already been shot in the face, what can you do?

- You know what you could use? A nice disfigurement…

- Some people say I’m ugly as sin. How ugly is your sin?


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