Lou Chasis

An adrenaline-junkie taking unnecessary risks for the sake of another rush.


IQ 24
ME 13
MA 13
PS 18
PP 26
PE 22
PB 13
SPD 13

Skills: Math: Basic 60%, Speak: English 85%, Literate: English 98%, Advanced: Math 81%, Pilot:Race Car 95%, Airplane 90%, Automobile 82%, Radio: Basic 85%, Scrambler 75%, Satellite 65%, T.V./Video 65%, Computer Op 80%, Research 80%, Suveillance System 75%, Writing 55%, boxing, Wrestling, Gymanstics, Acrobatics, Basic Electronics 75%, Mech. Engineer 75%, Auto Mech. 75%, Locksmith 65%, Robot Mech. 75%, Aircraft Mech. 65%, Read Snsry Equip. 75%, Basic Mechanics 80%, Weapon Engnr 55%, Electrical Engineer 55%, Comp. Program 55%, Robot Elec. 55%,

Specialty Skills

Hot Wire Automobies 94%, Build Super Vehicle 94%, Recognize Vehicle Quality 60%

Secondary Skills

Hand 2 Hand: Martial Arts, Athletics, Cook 35%, Dance 30%, WP: Heavy Weapons, Shotgun, Chain, Pilot: Motorcycle


Having gone to college and returned to his home town of Century Station Lou works at a local garage in Waingroh. Currently living out of his super van Lou has rented space off of Joe Gibbs to park his vehicles. Joe knows Lou has been sleeping in his van but lets it slide since he knew Lou’s parents.
Lou is a hard worker and produces top quality work for all of Joe’s customers. This is one of the many reasons Joe is able to stay in business.
Currently Lou has a side project of powering up some old motorcycles he bought with the last of his money. He has invested a considerable amount into all his vehicle because he must have the best parts. If he cannot purchase what he needs he will manufacture his own device (high-end components, of course) to use in place of what he needs.
Lou is a very intelligent and has an uncanny knack for mechanics. He can’t help but get involved with vehicles at any level from helping a stranded motorist to hopping in a race when the odds heavily out weigh him. For Lou its not about winning its about getting that next rush.

Favorite Quotes
“Thats Extreme!
“If thats all you got under the hood…”
“OH! Your in the barrel!”

Lou Chasis

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