Toshiro Akio

A homeless hero


IQ: 12
ME: 21
MA: 33
PS: 13
PP: 13
PE: 7
PB: 15
SPD: 11

Three Years of College
Skills of Note
Advanced Math 60%, Speak: Japanese 98%, Computer Operation 55%, Paramedic 55%, Business and Finance 50%, Research 50%, Lore:Religion 50%
Super Abilities
Extraordinary Mental Affinity
Power Channeling
Divine Aura

Unusual Characteristics
Large Eyes, small chin and mouth
Thick hair, spiked in every direction
Body odor smells of lilacs (attracts pollinating insects)


As a young man from a prominant Japanese family Toshiro followed in his father’s footsteps enrolling in college after high school. Deciding to major in business his first year was difficult as he learned to adjust to his new life.

As Toshiro entered his third year something strange happened to him as he visited a temple to worship his ancestors. While lighting incense he became bathed in a blue light his spirit became calm and felt that he had reached a new level of transcendentalism. With a new power of divinity his old life ended as he mutated into a small anime man. Unrecognizable by friends and family Toshiro fled to Century Station.

With just a few yen in his pocket and a pick-up truck Toshiro runs out of gas just inside the neighborhood of Winslow.

Catchphrase “With Gods light anything is possible”

Toshiro Akio

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