Alan " Geist" Swift

Now you see him , Now you dont!


IQ: 14
ME: 30
MA: 20
PS: 27
PP: 20
PE: 25
PB: 11
SPD: 16

Education: Two Years of College
Skills of Note
Hand to Hand: Expert, Criminal Science 55%, Law 45%, Intelligence 51%, Find Contraband/Illegeal Weapons 45%, Pick Locks 60%, Carpentry 30%
Weakness: High Metabolism
Super Powers
Sonic Speed
Extraordinary Physical Prowess
Energy Resistance


Alan Swift( Geist ) was raised in a small college town. Where his father was the town carpenter. His mother a school teacher. Alan grew up with small interest in his fathers work. He more wanted the life of excitement and mystery. So after high school he went on to the college and took up Criminal Investigations. Until one day about two years in college at the public bus stop. He met a young lady. They talked for a good while it felt like hours to him. When they said their goodbyes as he turned back around to get her name and number and she was gone. Then all of a sudden he was mugged and then thrown in a van. Alan has but little memory of what happened after that. Just what he heard off and on when he was in and out. Things like( Hook up the machine with the chemica….)(Is his oxygen mask on?)( The Radiation beam is on and ready for…..). A week goes by and Alan wakes up in his hospital bed. The nurse explained that they found him and his head was concused from the mugging. When he asks her about the things he heard she told him that it was the drugs and his injury that was playing with him. The next morning he signed his release papers and went home. When he got there his mother embraced him ever so tightly with tears in her eyes. His father kinda looked at him and mumbled ” Kid cant even protect himself,Should’ve been in the shop more often. Too soft.” That night Alan went to bed with a really bad itch and it just wasn’t one spot it was all over. The morning after he woke went to the bathroom. When he went to wash his face he noticed that his skin was as rough and abrasive as sandpaper. He started to get startled, then his mother was calling him down to breakfast. He jumped and when he did he fell threw the wall and noticed even more that he was barely visible. When he got himself collected. He went downstairs his mother and his father was at the table. Soon as they saw the disfigurement of Alan’s skin,his father grew with anger and told his son he wasn’t welcomed here,as his mother cried with her hands in her face. So Alan packed and left for Century Station were he heard that there was his kind now.On his travels there he found out that energy cannot harm him when he almost was robbed by energy pistol and he refused to give him the money the robber fired and got spooked then ran after noticing that Alan wasn’t hurt. Along down the road Alan got tired of hitch hiking so he started to run fast then faster then he noticed that he was moving faster than the hover car and in matter of minutes he at the outskirts of Century Station….........Man I’m hungry!

Alan " Geist" Swift

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