Dixon Fourth

A polite gentleman until you get him angry.


IQ: 15
ME: 22
MA: 12
PS: 22 (33)
PP: 22
PE: 19
PB: 14
SPD: 12 (21)

Education: Trade School
Skills of Note
Cook (Professional) 45%, Dance (Professional) 40%, Play your choice Musical Instrument (Professional) 45%, Hand 2 Hand: Expert
Weakness: Addicted to Sweets and Honey Flavors
Super Abilities
Lycanthropy (WereBear)
Telekinetic Force Field
Mind & Body Attuned


Okay, some things we had to roll for you so incorporate these ideas into your description.
1. You are an experiment conducted by a Medical Research Facility.
2. The Nature of the experiment involved a successful chemical reaction.
3. You decided to run away.

With every success their is a down side. When you are in human form all of your hair falls out. On the plus side if ever there is a hair in a dish you prepared, odds are its not yours.

Dixon Fourth

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