Joe Gibbs

A gruff vehicle repair shop owner


A large middle aged man whose outward appearance defies his true character. Outwardly Joe is rough and loud. Always wanting things done quickly, yet safely. He claims to tolerate little but he is probably the kindest person anyone could find in Brisby Flats.

He has a capable crew at his garage which is what keeps him is business. He does fantastic work with warranties as well as offering reasonable prices. Occasionally he has been known to do work pro bono in order to keep someone going to work to feed the family.

He has seen Waingroh change since he was an infant. He has grown up on the streets his whole life and can still remember the glory days of the neighbohood. It has been a long time since then and he still believes the people of Waingroh will resist the criminals in the shadows and become a well established neighborhood once again.

Joe Gibbs

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