Century Station

War Journal: Entry 3

Got a new cat. More on that later.

Some crazy capitalist fired a couple RPG’s in to the apartment building; guess who he was looking for? Seems that the pig-dog thinks McBane killed his brother. I don’t know if that’s true, but it isn’t unlikely. He was handled, but the building was damaged pretty badly.

My boss at the game store called me to meet with him late that night. I showed up with the newest member of our troop to find my boss with glazed eyes and a… weird demeanor. He asked me to drive a box truck up to The Labyrinth and drop off the package that was inside. He took off in a hurry.

We opened the truck up and looked at the package; it looked very much like a body wrapped in black plastic bags. We wisely chose not to open it and headed out, wisely calling the rest of the troop to ride point for us.

While on the freeway, a cop pulled up behind us trying to pull us over. At the same time, a number of Triad sedans pulled in all around us; an ambush. We shook the cop into the guard rail, and took out the Triad assassins with selectively placed gun shots and the new guys mind powers. That’s right; mind powers. This city gets crazier every day.

When we arrived at The Labyrinth we opened the back of the truck, jumped in the SUV and tore ass outta there. As we were leaving, the “package” tore open and some sort of humanoid thing rose out of it spewing bright greenish gas. It was possibly the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.

The next day I questioned the boss about it, and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. He never called me, met with me, or anything. His wife even provided an alibi. The strange thing though is… I believe him. Something weird is going on. In the jungle, they called this kind of thing, Bad JuJu.

Back at the apartment, Mr. Lee the landlord was getting roughed up by some Triad thugs for protection money. We gave him a bag of $5000 to give the Thugs that contained a tracing bug. We followed the trace to a house in Alchemy Bottoms (where we stopped the Black Gestapo previously). After securing the perimeter, we snuck in the back door. The kitchen was converted into a meth lab and a couple of meth brewers were doing their dirty work. We took them out back and immobilized them.

Inside were more thugs, more drugs, and a small arsenal of weapons, along with a LOT of cash. There was also two supers in there. They stopped us cold. The only reason we got out of there is because they disappeared; most likely teleportation of some sort. Good news; we knocked out a meth lab. Bad news; we are marked by the Triad.

And the meth house is where I found the cat. Took it with me to protect it from McBane.



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