Century Station

War Journal: Entry 2

It took several weeks after our last crime fighting outing to recover from our wounds.

McBane and I encountered a new variable in our war; some sort of mutant homeless person and his insane, elderly homeless sidekick. With his help (the sidekick was useless; a mumbling, gibbering, idiot, probably mentally deranged from living on the harsh streets after capitalism failed), we managed to completely dismantle one of the street gangs plaguing this city.

However, before that happened, my apartment was robbed and all of my equipment was stolen. Everything I had spent so long collecting and building. All of it is gone. Obviously, capitalism is to blame for the theft. Capitalism breeds greed, which breeds jealously, which breeds crime. A vicious cycle I hope to break.

While I was at work at the game shop, I heard on my police scanner that a nearby business was being assaulted. Hostages taken, unreasonable demands; the usual when terrorists want to make a point. I left work and attempted to help but the police had the place surrounded. Apparently McBane and the Homeless Hero were trapped on the inside; McBane was seriously injured. Some of the hostages were killed. As the SWAT team stormed the building, a warehouse down the street exploded, causing a great deal of damage to the surrounding area. No leads.

The Black Gestapo was attacking shop owners and demanding protection money. After a brief scuffle with some of their thugs, followed by detective work, we found the Black Gestapo’s headquarters; a development of Waingroh that has been partially fortified.

Using some special non-lethal ammunition I devised, I managed to incapacitate several of the Gestapo thugs, while McBane and the homeless cartoon character infiltrated the compound. All hell broke loose as McBane opened up with his shotgun.

Eventually, I fought my way into the main headquarters building and confronted the leader of the Gestapo. Engaging in hand to hand combat, I nearly had him beat until McBane murdered him. I think he’s turned to the other side; he murdered an unarmed man who was clearly beaten. Not sure what to do next in this matter. However, there were numerous witness to the crime, and I fear for my new partner.

Personal Note: We went to a very nice Chinese Restaurant. Great food, Great looking hostess. I would like to go back. However, it would have to be by myself; I don’t think McBane and the Homeless Hero are welcome back. They offended the proprietors by loudly talking about the local crime situation. Apparently the management were worried they would scare off the guests.



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