Century Station

The Manual Part 2

These last two days were the most extreme two days I have ever witnessed. It all started with some wild gang dude firing off a number of RPGs at our apartment. The whole time he is yelling for our partner McBane. Claiming McBane killed a brother or some such, he was a real extreme danger. Needless to say our team handled this danger with ease unfortunately he caused some serious damage to the building our team lives in.

Later that night we stopped a burglary next to the apartments. Little did we know we somehow helped that evil crime lord Iron Mike. We only found this out after Iron Mike’s thugs tracked us down to our homes and thanked us for our work.

Then there was Jackhammer, a relic from the 1940’s, fell into the arms of Dixon, literally. Swinging rooftop to rooftop the exteremly old sidekick begged us to help him stop criminals racing through the streets. An easy catch we left the criminals tied up with Jackhammer allowing him the noteriety of capturing criminals at his age.

The following evening Locksley’s boss called him to ask him to deliver a package to the worst part of Century Station, The Labrynth. Little did we know that the truck used to make the delivery was in shambles, missing tailights and expired tags, we were quickly a made a target for the police.
Well they definitely caught up to us. Thanks to the talented skills of McBane and our strange anime friend we were able to keep the cop off our tail until the Zhou Chin Triad gang pulled up in their extreme rides and gave us a chase until we entered the Labrynth. Even there the police and gangs would not follow. Needless to say we found the address and dropped off the package. I fear however the body that rose out of the plastic bags and duct tape was not their for a courtesy visit. EXTREME!

Finally, when we thought the day was over I get a call from the team asking for some money to help a friend that is being pushed around for “protection money.” It turns out the Triad is trying to muscle any resident of Chinese descent to pay “respect” to the new triad in town. At first I was worried that the gang would return and retaliate against us but McBane quickly devised a plan that woulds allow us to follow the gang after they took the payment.

The plan worked and soon we were checking out a stash house occupied by a few triad members. Dixon was able to pick the lock on the back door allowing us access to the kitchen which was converted into a meth lab. We stealthly removed the thugs that were creating this lethal drug and disguised ourselves in their lab coats and filter masks. It didn’t take long before they found out who we were.

Thats when we were most likely ending up in the barrel. It turns out there were two supers like us. One had the power to capture a single victim in a powerful sticky glowing net. The other fired vibration blasts at us and had the capability to teleport from room to room. Unfortunately we were only able to capture the three minor thugs but we did however find some information regarding members of the Zhou Chin Triad.



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