Century Station

McBane journal entry: This City is Dirt

Dirt. Nothing but dirt and filth and trash in this city. Will have to bring the bodies out by the truckload when I’m done with them.

Moved into new apartment last week. Across the hall an overweight, chain-smoking, ex-whore yells curses at her out of control broodlings. Probably collects welfare. Children never go to school. Will probably run into kids in a few years at the barrel-end of a gun.

Next down hall is a pink-commie anarchist. Self-styled rabble-rowser named Red Faction. Possible makings of a ‘cape’, but without the homosexual tendency to dress up in a bright costume. No super-powers observed, but you never know how fucked up people are in the head. May have to eliminate if he keeps trying to prevent me from cutting up the bad guys. Probably doesn’t have what it takes to kill women.

On patrol outside our apartment came across numerous gang fights and drug dealers. Stopped a mutant cat lady from robbing Quick-E-Mart. Shot cat woman’s leg off because she tried to run. Hindi in store thanked for help, will have to check on his immigration status. Probably illegal. Heard rumblings of a “Mutant Underground”, but not well known, not even cops know about it.

Probably bad cops in CSPD. Was tailed by two rookies, noticed them right away. Distracted them with homeless hag, then circled around and made pursuit. Hunters became hunted. Followed to a bookstore, probably a terrorist front. While slashing their car tires discovered by cops and arrested. Let myself be taken to see who was running the show. Corruption runs deep in department.

Made contact with a young Triad recruit. After he gives useful intel will probably have to cut off one of his ears.


The homicidal sociopath wants credit for the mutant I accidentally maimed. Perhaps my first assessment was incorrect; he isn’t a sociopath, but a complete psychopath. When he turns completely villain, I’ll be there to either arrest him, or put him down like the rabid animal he is.


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