Century Station






This is Extreme! Who is this guy?

Feel like I’m back in India. Where’s the Lhama?

Hold on, lemme get this motor scootin gas powered translator started up.

Oh Yes, Very wise…

My favorite part is


Very deep very meaningful.

Ok gettin alittle thick with exhaust in here choke cough

Lemme shut this down…

Oooh, its not stopping… cough

choke Too.. much… feul… cough

Toss this in the barrel…


For those who want to read a translated version:

I have been moved away from Toshio Akio. I hope to God that I had really wanted me in this place. The number of people I have met already quite strange. McBain crime and murder my own, meaning that mind seems to be the only way to stop these crimes have become. After that night, people dress in costumes that are red Locksley ridiculous. He told me also, in my home country Japan, there are strange things to know communist free market and no chance for survival. Then there is this guy named Dixion shift to form a giant bear! That is the only remaining all the hair back when he changed a little interesting what he has cast off fur cat really likes him.

Thankfully I have been volunteering my time in the cleaning, what else I have ever near the church can do to help. Since I have the following two homeless men around me now, my work would have been noted.

さて、私はすぐに十分な日記の他の宿泊を記述します。 Well, I write more in the diary soon enough. うまくいけば、マクベインに対する刑事事件は徐々に外国人に該当しない。 Hopefully, McBain is not applicable to criminal cases against foreigners gradually. 私は、彼らが恐れているときに不十分な外国人がこの国でどのように扱われるかの歴史から知っている。 I know from the history of how this country is treated like foreigners when they fear they are inadequate.


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